Light as a Creative Tool is a free to download digital publication published by Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland

ISBN: 978-83-66271-65-4

Gdańsk 2021

The publication is a follow-up after the 2018-2020 Light as a Creative Tool Conference and Workshop, Symposium and constant research held by its co-authors. It can be downladed from Zbrojownia Sztuki page – tap here.

Table of contents:

  • “LanguAGES of LIGHT. Some historic and aesthetic reflections on the luminokinetic practices in modern and contemporary art” Márton Orosz
  • “Light as a Creative Tool” – conference and workshop for students in public space: case study and some conceptual remarks” Robert Sochacki
  • “Praise of Darkness. Some extracts from reflections on the forms of the light presence in contemporary artistic practices”Ryszard W. Kluszczyński
  • “Animated Architecture. How a correlation between light-based art and architecture can change our perception of space and society” Martina Tritthart
  • Light is always close to artist – Łukasz Szałankiewicz “Zenial” about the common denominators of light and sound, non-obvious connections and “playing a game” Łukasz “Zenial” Szałankiewicz 
  • Ingo Wendt: A human part of the machine – analogue objects in large-scale projections Ingo Wendt 
  • Already forgotten objects, lives being an absence: shadow and light in Alicja Jeziorecka’s installations, based on the results of the LAACT 2018 workshop Alicja Jeziorecka 
  • “Light in Cabbage” Anna Królikiewicz (lecture introduction)
  • Tools, effects, art of creating organism. What is meant today by “generative art”, “mapping” and “VR” in the artist’s subjective way of understanding? Radosław Deruba 
  • Moving to new perceptions: understanding of the space of art installation and theatrical scenography Yoko Seyama 
  • Light image in movement Ralph Kistler
  • The silence of the white canvas does not exist. On the model of action and attempts to internalize one’s own aesthetics in the creation of audio-visual compositions Paweł Lisek
  • Shift of Focus: Light as Artistic Material and Medium Bettina Pelz (subjective guide)

Thank you to all the artists, authors of texts and translators and to the graphic designer, photographers and their fellow workers.



Scientific editor
Dr Robert Sochacki

Academic review
Prof. UP dr hab. Alicja Panasiewicz | Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie
Prof. dr hab. Dominik Lejman | Uniwersytet Artystycznym im. Magdaleny Abakanowicz w Poznaniu

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