2020 edition of Light as a Creative Tool will take place in Wroclaw [PL] in cooperation with Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design  Department of Stage Design Piekarnia Centre for Performative Art and  Grotowski Institute

From 4 to 9 of May 2020 we invite you to

a one-day Conference with international researchers, artists and curators focusing on media and light art in context of contemporary art and their socio-cultural background. Conference is open to all audiences and will be held in Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design (click here to view location).

a four-day long Workshop programme in public space – this time the Piekarnia Centre For Performative Art. All works will be open to public viewing in a final showcase. LAACT 2.0 workshops will explore interactive and generative techniques and ideas, as well as the light as a tool for shifting the perception of an art object/installation. Workshops are availibile for students of Polish and international academies and universities (read more about participation here).

Full LAACT 2.0 program is availible here.



Partners of Light As A Creative Tool 2.0 are:

Austrian Honorary Consulate in Wroclaw, Poland

Austriackie Forum Kultury Warszawa

German Consulate General in Wroclaw, Poland





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