In 2018 the first edition of Light as a Creative Tool was organized by Painting Department of Gdansk Academy of Fine Art. Conference was held in Patio ASP and the workshop in historical part of Gdansk Shipyard (young city-plenum).

Students worked in small groups with artists on their installations; this resulted in a final showcase with 10 art installations in public space. As an additional event Lightprint in Motion – the live audio-visual performance was showed.

We are very proud that two of our 2018 students – Elena Vertikova and Katarzyna Piróg – were invited by artistic directors of INTERFERENCE Tunis to take part in their 2018 light festival in the Medina. See the INTERFERENCE documentation here.

Moreover, after the first edition we are printing a monographic publication (that will be issued in 2020) and we are working on establish a semester-long course for ERASMUS students at Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts.

You can read about the LAACT 2018 here


Full list of 2018 lecturers and tutors with afiliations:

Bettina Pelz – Bremen, Germany – Art Director, Curator
University of the Arts Bremen / Department of Art and Design

dr Martina Tritthart – Graz, Austria – Artist
FH Joanneum Graz, University of Applied Sciences / Department of Media & Design, Masterstudies Exhibition Design

dr inż. Adam Mazikowski – Gdansk, Poland – Scientist
Gdansk University of Technology /Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics

Ingo Wendt – Saarbrücken, Germany – Artist
University of fine Arts – Hochschule der bildenden Künste Saarbrücken

Aymen Gharbi – Tunis, Tunisia – independent Art Director, Curator

Łukasz Szałankiewicz Zenial – Poznan, Ponad – Artist
Collegium Da Vinci, Poznan / Faculty of Informatics and Visual Communication

dr Alicja Jeziorecka – Poznan, Poland – Artist
The University of Arts in Poznan / Faculty of Painting and Drawing

Tarja Nieminen – Helsinki, Finland – Visual New Media Designer
University of Art and Design Helsinki / Media Department

Karolina Halatek – Lodz, Poland – independent Visual Artist

Anna Szynwelska, Michalina Domoń – Gdansk, Poland – curators
LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art

Monika Jenowein Patyczek – Gdansk, Poland – Designer
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk / Faculty of Painting

dr Agata Stępień – Krakow, Poland – Artist
AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow / Faculty of Humanities

Anna Rosa Rupp – Bremen, Germany – Artist, Student
University of the Arts Bremen / Department of Art and Design

dr Robert Sochacki – Gdansk, Poland – Artist
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk / Faculty of Painting, Studio Art in Public Space